Monday, July 5, 2010

My Move to L.A


So I decided to move to L.A. about three weeks ago and finally went for it. The husband and I took the Amtrak train about 6 days ago. It was very comfortable on the train and a very beautiful ride. I would choose to ride the train over flying if I have the time to travel. It's spacious, quiet, relaxing and you can carry more luggage without paying extra for them.

We are here in L.A. now and everything has been great and beautiful. You have probably heard this like a broken record before, but I still have to say: the only thing that we don't like so far is the traffic. Busy! Busy! Makes me want to pull my hair out! We've been searching for a place to live and so most of our days have been spent driving around in the car, about 9 hours in the car everyday since we got here. So far the apartment hunting has crashed me by the end of the day and put me to sleep like a baby.

Here are some pictures from the train ride. New Mexico, Arizona, and LA mountains. Enjoy!

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  1. Vee! I love the pictures! especially the railroad one. Even though I'm not moving around, reading and seeing your pictures gives me a sense. Keep them coming!