Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brown Rice Family - Inspiring Video

Japanese store in SoHo & Etsy, The Brown Rice Family

The Brown Rice Family believes that the most natural way is the most civilized way. They initially started out as a world roots band and later on gathers inspirations from all the world to create fresh and healthy music. They have evolved into an independent company creating environmental- friendly products by only using neutral ingredients in their soap and music.

"Ancient rhythms of the world inspired us to see that core values of our life are being compromised due to our society’s foolish ambition for mass production. We learned that almost all products that we consume contribute to our severe global pollution. We want to be free from these poisonous and low quality products that big companies are feeding us. We know that in order to be a true independent organization we must have control over our own necessities such as food, clothing, housing and personal care products. Our goal is to make high quality natural products that would meet the necessities of first, the Brown Rice Family. Then we want to share the same products in accordance with one love. " - Brown Rice Family

The Tiny Hearts Fund Bank

The Tiny Hearts Fund Bank is designed to help fund families in need who are struggling to fight against cancer. 3% of every item sold in the collection will be put into a fund in which by the end of every year will support families directly in need. The amount of the fund raised will be shown on my blog and updated on my twitter. The designated charity/recipient(s) is still yet to be determined and will be announced as soon as further information is gathered.