Monday, July 26, 2010

Elie Saab

Sometimes the fashion industry can be ugly, not the clothes, but sometimes its the way the industry works and the people in it, as you all might of know it. So, I try to look at other areas in the industry to help me through the day and I wanted it with you.

Elie Saab is one of my all time favorite "Dress Designer" The first time I found out about his work, I was looking for inspiration for my bridesmaid dress. My sister was googling dresses and found some of his beautiful dresses and showed them to me. I instantly felt in love with it. I've had great appreciation for his work since then. They inspire me to look at the other side of the fashion industry "beauty." To create beautiful clothing even when the industry is a ugly place to be. To make sure that everything I design I put all my heart into it, that such an ugly environment can still be beautiful at times.

"Elie Saab has become synonymous with luxury and modernism. A serious courtier with a power and unique vision, Saab takes luxury to its zenith, design for women that are both dreamlike and elegant."

Elie Saab ( Fall 2010 couture)

Elie Saab (Spring 2010 Couture),

Elie Saab (Fall 2008 Couture),

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